Our Specialist Recovery Operators

All staff have passed thorough background and Police checks and are licensed to NZTA standards. They undertake on-going training to provide the latest up to date methods and are capable at all aspects of the towing and salvage Industry. Our drivers are all tidy in appearance and dressed in a Company branded uniform. We will endeavour to always remain courteous, friendly and helpful in any situation. Safety is paramount and safety gear is provided to them i.e.; high visibility jackets/vests, hard hats, eye wear and gloves.

Our Specialist Recovery Trucks:

Auto Salvage trucks are equipped with all types of necessary equipment, for example an OSH approved spill kit, flashing beacons, jump packs, unlock tools, jack, wheel brace, air lines with tyre inflator and also a wide range of fuses, nuts, bolts, split pins, lubricants, engine start and petrol/diesel in case you run dry.

Full Response Services Offered:

Every truck carries a digital camera. Photos can and will be taken on request before and after loading / unloading of vehicles. In the case of an accident or off road salvage, our driver can take scene photos before vehicles are moved. This is to assist you and your Insurance Company with visible damage and to help you both with the claims process. This service is free of charge and will be at no cost to you or your Insurance Company.

Vehicle Tracking and GPS Fleet Management System:

Every truck in our fleet has a Vehicle Tracking and GPS Fleet Management system. This system allows us to see all our vehicles at any time, we can send the nearest vehicle to your job and send it by the most direct route which saves you time and money.

Sight & Sound Technology:

Our Fleet of Vehicle's are equipped with the latest Sight & Sound Technology. This system allows us to make sure our drivers are safe at all times. We are able to login and watch the action inside the vehicle and outside at any time, we can download this data and it is available to the New Zealand police and your insurance company. When we tow your vehicle it's peace of mind that we have the full trip of camera.