Full Repossession Service:

Auto Salvage offer a full repossession service like no other in Invercargill and Southland. We always use our state of the art repo trucks to pickup the offending vehicle. We find that most vehicle's that are a repo do not have a current WOF nor REGO and 8 out of 10 times you find that the vehicle has no insurance. Auto Salvage always use there repo truck to make sure your assest is fully insured as our trucks have insurance wile under tow.

Impound Service:

We also offer a 24 hr, 7 day Roadside Breakdown Response Service where Our Recovery Specialists have tremendous knowledge and expertise with getting you back on the road again. Assisting with flat battery jump starts, vehicle access, unlocking and changing that tyre. Being an Independent Towing and Salvage Company we deliver it where you want it. We do work for all Major Insurance Companies.