Salvage & Recovery Trucks:

Auto Salvage is the Auto Breakdown & Auto Rescue specialists. If the weather has got you stuck on a muddy lawn or slipped off the road into a ditch, We can salvage you out of the situation and get you mobile again. We can pick you and your vehicle up from the scene and transport to our storage facility or your place of repair (panel beater) generally this can be charged straight to your Insurance Company, making this as stress free as possible. Being an Independent Towing and Salvage Company we deliver it where you want it. We do work for all Major Insurance Companies to offer you peace of mind in times you need it.

Full Response Services Offered:

Every truck carries a digital camera. Photos can and will be taken on request before and after loading / unloading of vehicles. In the case of an accident or off road salvage, our driver can take scene photos before vehicles are moved. This is to assist you and your Insurance Company with visible damage and to help you both with the claims process. This service is free of charge and will be at no cost to you or your Insurance Company.