Breakdown Recovery:

Auto Salvage will pick you and your vehicle up from the roadside and transport your car to your home or workshop for repair or likewise as you require.

Accident & Wreckage Recovery:

Auto Salvage can pick you and your vehicle up from the scene and transport to our storage facility or your place of repair (panel beater) generally this can be charged straight to your Insurance Company, making this as stress free as possible.

Off Road Salvage & Recovery:

If the weather has got you stuck on a muddy lawn or slipped off the road into a ditch, We can salvage you out of the situation and get you mobile again.

Property Management & Parking Enforcement:

Are you a property owner, manager of office buildings, car parks or a private residence? then give us a call and we'll have the offending vehicle removed quickly and efficiently at no cost to you. The vehicle will then be stored securely until the owner returns to collect from us.