Great company these guys helpd us track down a car that they didnt even tow and kept in contact wit us 2 make sure we were not getn exployted by other companys the auto salvage team go the extra mile and r very much a friendly team their 2 help thanku heaps guys

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - April 11 at 1:32pm

Bchop Bchop

Thank you to the amazing bloke who unlocked my car last nite what a generous kind sole thank you again

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - February 26 at 12:32pm

Jaelyne Meijer

These guys are great!! Helped me out even at christmas time =) soo friendly and talkative was lovly to hav some one so nice to help me at a time of angryness and sadness. Its guys like them that make bad situations better =) thanx heaps guys.

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - January 7 at 9:30am

Sammie McCuin

Just had the most awesome service from Melvin at Auto Salvage, was so friendly and helpful, turned a terrible situation into a nice easy fix. Thanks for all the help and advice!!! You rock!!!

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - April 7 at 5:07pm

Joanne Eruera

Hi Guys, Thanks for all your help with the Hilux last week - much appreciated. Best experience I've every had with an auto salvage company. All the best. Cheers

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - March 18 at 8:13am

Stu McInnes

Just wanted to say a HUGE Thank-you to Melvin & the team at Auto Salvage... You helped me out with quick efficent no hastle service & I will keep recommending you... Thanx Again guys :-)

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - March 13 at 5:15pm

Jan Eade-Ryall

The boys at AUTO SALVAGE did a great friendly and efficient tow for me today to the exhaust shop, I would definitely recommend to others.

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - February 19 at 7:20pm

Shane Williams

Thanks heaps for the excellent prompt service picking up my honda yesterday - great price too!! Recommend to everyone!!

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - February 13 at 3:49pm

Christine Livingstone

Just want to thank you guys so much for all your help, truly above and beyond the call of duty. Best stolen car experience ever!

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - February 12 at 2:11pm

Jim Maw-Dowling

Thanks to the guy that broke into my car today at countdown and the guy that helped me out nice to know there are good people out there and thanks from my baby for saving her from cooking nice!

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - January 30 at 4:54pm

Saird Ferguson

Thanks so very much to Melvin for picking up my hubby's car, this will be a moment in time I'll never forget, goes to show that you can even crash outside of driveway especially when you're not looking, me thinks hubby was a bit tired to, lucky no one was hurt. But you have to have a wee giggle about things like this, and use it as a learning curve, unfog your windows!!! So thanks again, would highly recommend Auto Salvage, awesome service, lovely person to deal with and would definitely use them again if I (fingers crossed that I don't) had to A+++++++++++++++++

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - January 29 at 12:21pm

Cheri Bruning

I would like to thank Scott and Jason for the quick and professional service, especially Jason who took me into his home while I waited for sometime out of town to pick me up and since I no longer had a vehicle to drive I can say the beer went down well afterwards. Cheers jason

Auto Salvage Facebook Page - January 4 at 7:02am

Robert Dunstan